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by Thy Veils

Resplendent 07:43
Advance 04:49
Up beyond the winds Empty spaces Nebulae of starlings Whirling Wave of light In the pause Whatever happens here Unknown land Lay down in cool space The morning star In the bright light Lives the real thing Wave of light In the pause Whatever happens here Just advance
Trancing 05:07
Through this uniquity Voice untold And I could see just through it a way You unfold Through this uniquity Streams that gold As foretold Leaving through the stargates That open in your eyes Everything is calling Underneath the skies Spiraling clarity Sparkling lines Weaving wonders for all days That will come Glowing luminosity Changes time So sublime Rising beams exploding Dancing tender flames Everyone is crossing The transcending plains ... Rising beams exploding Dancing tender flames Everyone is crossing The transcending plains Leaving through the stargates That open in your eyes Everything is calling Underneath the skies
Neoradiant 06:25
The light is warm And here with you In my life Your heart elates Sunbeams create A sea in bright You are light Oh my love The sparks are there And taking care Of life Your mind reflects The stars of bloom In flight You go high Oh my love
When you'll find me Sparks and dreams glow in your soul Cause I know now We will not do this alone When you'll see me Bring the skylight in your heart Cause you’ll have it back And bring it home By yourself For ourselves Lands in brightness Flowing wonders Open your eyes We are back We are back We are For you Brightness For you We stay In brightness Now you feel it There, a star shines in your soul And you know now You have never been alone Brightness For you We are In brightness
Timeshards 06:35
We’re going to a place Your mind cannot reach by itself A sense of wonder Oh, like angels You can feel the stars All in your heart Caring for the depths The highest mind Arch-moments fade in And smiles We’re going to a place Suspended light comes through you
Ancillary grace Floral in a sandstorm Guiding deep inside On night flights Unknown glass Open doors This is real Gliding Lightning Fervent Smiling You have overcome all tears Glitter in your veins On night flights Resting waters Hold my hand This is real
Finally Out of reach No bondage No dependency How calm the ocean Towering the void How calm the ocean Towering the void In the empty heart Void of self Can be heard the song “I am the Truth” Thus is man one with the eternal Travelling, travel and traveller Become one Poems by Tessho & Mahmud Shabistari
Secrets 05:03
Night falls It’s true They say Starlight is cold Water calls Gold dances in you Night falls Seeing true Ablaze Holding it all And I can tell you Night falls Ablaze And I can tell you Nothing Again
There is something dense Settled in the depths Out of touch with time In refined matter Brought by the sea From salt and sleep Encircled by a single thing A single movement Through the spread of seasons Through a silent geometry Walking tranquil in the flames Through the house of odes The fire of the days In deep evidence, in solid beauty From one sky to another A solemn sea, becoming us In orbital lightning Is showing us, my love One endless trail of sunsets


Neoradiant is the next step in Thy Veils’ odyssey, a new and vast dimension, defined by an artistic vision that focuses on the future and getting there guided by a sense of wonder, enthusiastic dynamics and the contemplative ecstasies of freely exploring the Universe and its reality.

Album page: www.thyveils.com/neoradiant/

Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/6uJA15PP8GScilPXilL8fe

Apple Music: music.apple.com/ro/album/neoradiant/1484541709


Secrets: youtu.be/dseHv5edU-M
In Brightness: youtu.be/4o6MK7ywYI8
Transparent Earth: youtu.be/WFY8QtEEKGU
On Night Flights: youtu.be/pJ0glqs2ZhM
Trancing: youtu.be/Em7G35vLrWw
Neoradiant (live): youtu.be/xTD3znntyIE
Timeshards: www.facebook.com/thyveils/videos/2047181055403937/
Advance: www.facebook.com/thyveils/videos/250209509240898/
Neoradiant (instrumental): www.facebook.com/thyveils/videos/2014559891929340/
Towering The Void: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaGXWrE7-e8


released November 4, 2019

Daniel Dorobantu - electronics, lyrics, production, visual
Alira Mun - vocal, lyrics
Manuela Marchis - vocal
Dora Gaitanovici - vocal
Petre Ionutescu - trumpet
Sergiu Catana - drums
Punu - drums
Ion Dorobantu - electronics
Attila Lukinich - mixing, mastering


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Thy Veils Timişoara, Romania


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